Governance, Risk, and Compliance made easy.

xGRC® Ascend is a governance, risk and compliance platform that was created to meet the needs of the growing number of organisations that need a full featured, affordable platform to manage risk.

Keeping track of activities through spreadsheets and folder structures can be cumbersome. xGRC® brings all your data together allowing greater visibility, tracking, auditing, and measurement.

xGRC® is currently available for provisioning in Australia, the United States, Europe and Asia.

The overview dashboard provides Executives and Managers a view of your organisations entire risk profile.

Risk Management

Record, analyse and treat your organisations risks. Easily view and prioritise your risks, and development treatment plans.

Compliance Management

Easily identify what is coming up for review and what is overdue.

Easily view upcoming, overdue, and urgent tasks.

Controls Management

At the heart of the platform is Controls Management. Controls can be measured against well-known standards and frameworks, such as ISO/IEC 27001, the NIST Cyber Security Framework, and more. Customised frameworks and standards can also be easily added allow for any use case. Controls are used to treat the identified risks and can be tied to other modules such as Policies, Agreements, and Assets.

Controls based on industry leading standards and frameworks can be viewed and managed.

Supplier Management

Easily keep track of your suppliers compliance status. Supplier Management operates either standalone within the xGRC® Ascend platform, and can be linked to the xGRC® Supplier platform for online assessments.

Keep track of supplier assessments including cyber security and modern slavery.

Policy Management

Remove the burden of “Document Control” blocks and tracking policy reviews. Use xGRC® to manage your policy versions, changes, and reviews.

Asset Management

Knowing what you have is critical to ensuring effective risk management. Recording, classifying, and assigning controls to your assets simplifies the process of ensuring the protection of the asset.

Incident Management

No organisation wants to have an incident, but if an incident does occur, it is important to ensure that it is appropriately managed. xGRC® Ascend Incident Management allows you to easily keep track of incidents, run through incident response checklists, record evidence, and record lessons learned.

Agreements Management

As organisations increase their focus on risk management, it is common that requirements (e.g. cyber controls, data breach notifications,etc.) are included as part of agreements. Agreements Management ensures compliance of controls that are included in agreements and contracts to help maintain compliance.

Vulnerability Management

Track and prioritise your key vulnerabilities and their remediation status. Whether a new vulnerability has been published or a recent vulnerability scan or penetration test has highlighted a vulnerability in your organisation, the xGRC® Ascend vulnerability management module ensures you stay on top of it.

Subscription Options

xGRC® Ascend is competitively priced and is available with no-commitment or 12 month agreements, with a minimum of one user.

Contact us for more information on subscription options and a demo.