Feature Rich

xGRC® was created to meet the needs of the growing number of organisations that need a full featured, affordable platform to manage governance, risk, and compliance.

Keeping track of GRC activities through spreadsheets and folders can be cumbersome. xGRC® brings all your data together allowing greater visibility, tracking, auditing, and measurement of your program.

Risk Management

Record and analyse your organisations risks. The xGRC® Risk Management module helps you prioritise your risks. Risks are also fed from other modules to provide a consolidated view of your organisations risks.

Tasks can be easily created to address risk items. These tasks can be assigned to personnel for remediation and include alerting functionality.

Your organisations overall risk level can be easily viewed and measured through the xGRC® dashboard and reporting capabilities.

Compliance Management

If your business is considering implementing a formal standard or framework such ISO27001, NIST Cyber Security Framework, the ASD ISM, or CIS Critical Security Controls? xGRC® natively supports these to allow a faster, easier deployment and continuing compliance.

Controls can be assigned a number of attributes, including owners and review intervals. Alerts can be enabled to send alerts as deadlines approach. xGRC®‘s dashboard view displays an easy to read, high level view of an organisations program.

Third Party Management

Managing third parties can be complex. xGRC® takes complexity out of managing suppliers and vendors by providing a centralised, easy to use platform.

xGRC’s third party management module allows you to send assessment requests to suppliers and vendors and feeds the responses and an risk assessment back into your portal.

Assessments are based on industry standards and frameworks, including ISO27001 and NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Subscription to the xGRC® Supplier Assessment portal is included as part of this module.

Policy Management

Policies help ensure reinforce your organisation’s vision and mission. It is critical that not only are the right policies in place, but that they are reviewed to ensure they are still appropriate.

xGRC®‘s policy management module allows easy management of policies including the ability to assign policy owners, tracking versioning, and scheduled reviews.

Policies can be uploaded into xGRC® or linked to external systems.

Asset Management

Asset Management provides the ability to manage assets or groups of assets.

Unlike many traditional asset inventory style systems, xGRC®‘s asset management module is designed to manage risks associated with assets and provide the ability to assign owners and schedule asset reviews.

API Integration

API’s are available to integrate xGRC® with other systems.