xGRC® Ascend for Risk Management & Compliance

Simplify management of your security and risk program or any other compliance requirement. View key metrics including risk score, compliance status, tasks and control maturity in a single pane.

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Preloaded Standards & Frameworks

Easily manage compliance for any standard, framework, or requirement such as ISO/IEC27001:2013 (updated for 2022!), NIST Cyber Security Framework, ACSC ISM, Modern Slavery Act, GDPR, CPS234 and more.

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FREE Supplier Risk Assessments

Take the work out of managing supplier (vendor) and third party security with xGRC® Supplier Risk Assessments. Ditch Excel spreadsheets with and utilise our automated assessment platform using a number of standards and frameworks.

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Why xGRC®?

As the complexity and importance of programs related to governance, risk and compliance (GRC) increases across the globe, so does the need to be able to effectively manage them. With increasing regulatory and legislative requirement, the importance of effectively managing risk is critical. This includes recording risk, controls, maturity, and ensuring timely remediation and reviews.